The Devastation Of Losing A Loved One

The loss of a loved one can turn a personal injury case into a life-changing event. There will likely be both a financial and emotional component to your loss. Your attorney will work diligently to remove as much of the stress and concern that you are feeling during this time. Trust our lawyers to be there to answer your questions and provide the guidance you need.

At The Law Office of Nick Stein, our personal injury attorneys understand the complexity of Indiana's legal system and we will share our knowledge and insight with you. Whether your loss is directly related to medical negligence or a serious motor vehicle accident, we will fight to protect your financial future while you take the time necessary to grieve your loss.

Skill Handling Complex, Emotional Cases

Personal injury and wrongful death may arise anytime a person is injured or killed because of the carelessness (negligence) of another individual, corporation or government entity. These cases can also arise out of intentional acts. Personal injury laws (also called tort laws) protect victims who are harmed by the action or inaction of another person or entity. These laws enable victims to recover losses resulting from their injuries.

Wrongful death lawsuits are similar to personal injury lawsuits in that they also arise out of the deliberate, reckless or negligent acts of another person or entity. However, the purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit is to gain compensation for close relatives of the victim to help cover medical costs and provide financial support.

Nick Stein and our personal injury attorneys in the firm have experience negotiating with insurance companies and other attorneys as well as experience in courtroom proceedings and actual jury trials.

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