Product Liability

Product Liability Cases

A person who has been injured using a product may be able to sue the manufacturer, wholesaler, store, or person who sold the product for damages.

Depending on state law, a lawsuit may be brought against any person or company involved in producing or distributing the product if evidence shows that that...

  • the product was not properly designed
  • the product was not properly manufactured
  • the consumer was not properly warned about use of the products

If a manufacturer, wholesaler, or store that produced or sold the product is found at fault, a court can order them to pay money to compensate for injuries caused by the defective product. The court can also order the payment of additional money to punish the responsible parties for the defective product. This type of award is called punitive damages.

Our Attorneys have experience with product liability claims, including...

  • chemical explosions
  • contaminated powdered infant formula
  • defective tires
  • defective medical devices
  • dangerous supermarket cases

If you or someone you know has been injured by a dangerous or defective product, please call the Nick Stein Law Office to discuss your situation with a product liability lawyer.

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