The Risks To Premature Newborn Babies

Powdered infant formula is not sterile.

Powdered infant formula may contain a bacteria called Cronobacter/Enterobacter Sakazakii (E. Sakazakii or "E. sak" for short).

This risk is greatest for:

  • Newborn children, less than one month old
  • Low birth weight, premature babies
  • Babies with compromised immune systems

Often these infants have been diagnosed with Meningitis, Salmonella, Sepsis or Bacteraemia. These illnesses can be caused by the bacteria E. sak. Review the USEFUL RESOURCES section of this page – both video and print articles – because they will give you a better idea of the nature of the problem and the risks involved. The Law Offices of Nick Stein have skilled product liability lawyers to assist you!

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