Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Cases

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in an accident than an occupant in a passenger car, and 8 times more likely to suffer traumatic injury. Head injury is the leading cause of death and serious injury in motorcycle accidents.

If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident, our motorcycle accident lawyers may be able to help you. With more than 35 years of trial experience in Indiana and Kentucky, we have settled many motorcycle accident cases out of court, and we have taken numerous cases to court.

What is Your Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

To understand the value of a motorcycle accident case, you need to consider two important factors: liability and damages. Liability means who was at fault for the accident. If there is no liability, either because the person who hit you was not negligent, or because you simply can't prove that the other driver was negligent, your case will not be worth very much. This is because it is always the plaintiff's burden of proving that the defendant was negligent. So, if the other driver was not negligent, he or she doesn't owe you anything.

Settlement Factors in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Personal bias or preconceived judgement should not play a role in compensating an injured motorcyclist, but there's no escaping human nature. Many people distrust -- or even dislike -- motorcyclists, and members of juries are not immune from this prejudice.

Settlement Value vs. Trial Value

When you're trying to value a motorcycle injury claim, remember that there are really two types of valuations: settlement value and trial value. A case's settlement value is the amount you reasonably hope to settle the case for. The settlement value will be much lower than the trial value because you settle a case in order to avoid the risk of losing at trial.

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