Defending You Against Serious Charges

Facing the criminal justice system without a skilled attorney at your side can be a frustrating, confusing and demoralizing experience. No matter the scope of your case or the severity of your offense, it is wise to get a defense lawyer involved at the earliest stage possible so we can begin developing a strong case strategy that minimizes your exposure to serious penalties.

An experienced defense attorney in your corner adds credibility to your case.

At The Law Office of Nick Stein, our attorneys have a wide range of experience. Attorney Nick Stein has experience as an elected prosecutor and attorney Amy Stein has experience working as a deputy prosecutor. Attorney Amy Wheatley is a former public defender. The combination of this experience gives our staff a unique perspective. We can provide valuable insight to our clients while shielding them from the full brunt of the criminal justice system.

We are prepared to represent clients in New Albany and throughout Indiana in a wide range of situations, including:

The Law Office of Nick Stein provides criminal defense services for clients accused of committing criminal acts.

Protective Orders

It is not uncommon for a family argument to turn violent. In these situations, parties might seek protective orders to protect themselves and their families from the threat of violence. If you are seeking a protective order or you wish to defend yourself against a fraudulent order, we are the firm you should call. With extensive criminal defense experience, our lawyers can guide you no matter which side of the dispute you find yourself.

To schedule a consultation with a New Albany criminal defense lawyer, call or email The Law Office of Nick Stein. We offer services in English and Spanish.