Charges Of Driving Under The Influence

In Indiana, law enforcement takes DUI charges seriously. From significant fines to the loss of your driving privileges to jail time, the state will fight to ensure that you face the strictest penalties possible. It is up to your defense lawyer to protect you from these consequences.

The attorneys at The Law Office of Nick Stein have more than 50 years of combined experience. Attorney Nick Stein has experience as an elected prosecutor and attorney Amy Stein has experience working as a deputy prosecutor. With this insight, we understand the tactics that prosecutors might employ, and we will build our strategy around counteracting those tactics. If you are facing a DUI charge, you need a skilled defense attorney on your side. We can provide clear direction and defense regarding habitual traffic violator laws, license issues and administrative suspension. We understand the importance of keeping your criminal record clean, and we'll fight every step of the way to protect you.

Challenging A Breath Test

In some situations, your defense may rely on the efficiency — or lack thereof — of the breath tests that were administered. Law enforcement officers would have you believe that the breath tests are infallible, but that's not the case. It might be that:

  • The machine wasn't properly calibrated before use.
  • The machine wasn't properly stored between uses.
  • The officer wasn't properly trained on the machine's operation.
  • Outside environmental factors led to impure results.

It is not an exact science. Let our firm thoroughly examine every aspect of your charge while developing a strong defense.

Call or email our New Albany office to discuss your charge and the possible defenses available to you. As experienced prosecutors and defenders, we understand what it takes to win at trial.